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You awake in a locked room in an abandoned complex.

For a reason unknown, your legs have stopped working. Your arms barely have strength to move yourself forward in an old wheelchair. There is not a single living human in the dimly lit facility where you remain trapped. From these settings, you'll have to escape, to get out of this place. During that journey you may learn what happened to you, and what went on in here.

However, despite there not being a single other human besides yourself in the building, you are not alone...


- Story based atmospheric horror game
- Exploring and investigating
- Light and medium level environmental puzzles


- Jump-scare-fest
- Zombie-shooter-game


Gameplay consists of exploration, solving puzzles and piecing together the story of what happened inside this complex where you are trapped and what happened to you and why are you trapped in here. The ultimate goal, achieved by puzzle-solving and navigating, in the game is to escape the abandoned facility.

This is also the first game I'm trying to publish and I've tried to fine-tune, bug-test, and polish it as much as possible before publishing. I've always admired the companies (and times) that published a game when it was ready and playable from start to finish. I'm trying to live up to these standards with this game.

This game was highly inspired by the classic 90's survival horror games. However, this game has no combat or survival mechanics whatsoever and your only method of surviving is trying to escape the enemy. Likewise the length of this game is understandably nowhere near those games. I chose to rather keep it shorter and tighter than trying to artificially lengthen it, which would have only resulted in a leaned out and milder experience. On the delivery of the horror theme, I chose to leave out all the jump-scares and opted for constant oppressing and dark atmosphere.

Broken Code Games is a 1-man company. Meaning, I made this game 99% alone. The budget was something like, 75% of it was used to buy the greenlight publishing pass, the rest on some miscellaneous things I needed for the sound effects. I hope this has not impacted quality too much and I tried to deliver graphics, sounds and game mechanics to the best of my abilities. I might even have some funny and borderline-crazy stories to tell about how some of the game shaped itself around the extremely limited budget, and actually gave it more life that way.

ITCH Special announcement:

The game is currently finished and ready to play, however, I've decided to label it as "In Development". Various reasons for this, such as adding last minute extra features and testing it on few more setups. However, holiday season permitting, I should have it ready and in store in a week. =) The game is currently also up for voting on Steam Greenlight!

Trailer of the game on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U1Ot5H-hkx4&feature=youtu.be

Published Dec 19, 2016
StatusIn development
TagsAtmospheric, Horror, Story Rich
Average sessionA few hours
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly
LinksSteam, Twitter

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